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Some say that the more comfortable we feel about ourselves, the more confident we feel and appear to others.
Perhaps that’s why many women have chosen to have implants to improve the shape, proportion and profile of their breasts.

Breast enhancement is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures today, but you need to carefully consider the personal choices that are right for you and reflect who you are.

We want you to feel confident in making your decision and to be informed of your options before doing so. You may have concerns that you want addressed, questions you want answered and reassurance of the procedure’s success before proceeding. This website will take you through the steps involved to help you make an informed decision. We recommend you spend good time evaluating whether breast enhancement is right for you, carefully consider all the factors and talk to your surgeon.

This website should never replace any discussions between you and your surgeon or the important information featured within the Product Information Document.

About Allergan’s breast implants

More than 35 years of manufacturing expertise

Registered in 76 countries worldwide

19 clinical studies from Allergan including 160.000 patients

Allergan is dedicated to scientific excellence and is conducting
4 on-going long terms studies1

Total investments in R&D between 2006 and 2011:
USD 226 millions





1. Data on file.

BRST™: your choice,
our response to your needs

Our breast implants are manufactured according to high standards of manufacturing and quality to reduce significantly the risk of complications. For example, we include a special barrier in the shell of the implant to reduce the risk for the silicone gel to spread outside the implant.

We developed a unique texture on the surface of the shell to maintain the position of the implant and insure tissue adherence, which can help reduce complications such as rotation or capsular contracture.

Obtaining the desired shape is crucial and this is influenced by the implant choice you make after discussing it with your surgeon.

A large range of implants

Our latest range of round implants will help you achieving the desired result


 Responsif GelCohesive Gel
Low Profile
Low Profile
10 implant options
Low Profile
10 implant options
Medium profile
Medium Profile
10 implant options
Medium Profile
10 implant options
High profile
High Profile
10 implant options
High Profile
10 implant options
Extra high profile
  Extra High Profile
10 implant options
70 references,
4 projection

The advantages of the BRSTTM range

The MicrocellTM texture

Magnified 10x

Magnified 20x

Magnified 30x
MicrocellTM texture aimed
at reducing the risk of
capsular contracture
Optimal filling to
reduce wrinkling

Developed to answer your needs

DRIETM layer in the shell
(patch included) to minimise
the spreading of silicone gel
Silicone layers made out of
elastomers to strengthen
the shell integrity
2 gel options to help
achieving the desired

The BRSTTM warranty

Each implant is covered by our warranty


Guaranteed products

Product replacement for the patient’s lifetime.

This applies to all BRSTTM implants placed after the 3rd of October 2012 as long as the implant:

Cases covered

The BRSTTM warranty programme is only applicable when a shell damage has led to a rupture of the implant that required a surgical intervention.



*'Broken Devices' are covered by Allergan’s Standard Product Replacement Policy

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